Casetta Pizzeria & Restaurant

Ivana Gorana Kovačića 209, Banja Luka

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  • 22,00 KM

    Rumpsteak with cepe sauce

    Ramstek 250gr., cepe sauce, cream of carfiol, grilled vegetables
  • 28,00 KM

    Steak with gorgonzola sauce

    Beefsteak 300gr., mushrooms, prosciutto, gorgonzola, rocket, homemade croquettes, grilled vegetables
  • 29,00 KM

    Steak with truffles

    Beefsteak 300gr., Truffle cream, potato cream, boiled vegetables
  • 13,00 KM

    Grilled chicken

    Chicken fillet 250gr., optional by choice
  • 21,00 KM

    Rumpsteak “Caprese”

    Rumpsteak 250gr., Flavored rice, tomato, mozzarella, pesto genovese
  • 27,00 KM

    Steak with green pepper sauce

    Beefsteak 300gr., Green pepper, gratinated potatoes
  • 25,00 KM

    Steak “tagliata”

    Beefsteak 300gr., Rocket, pesto genovese

Resevations: +387 51 490 015

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